Carson J. White

Hello, my name is Carson J White

I am currently a Senior at Loyola University Chicago pursuing an integrated degree in advertising and public relations.

For the past 3 years, I have been working with small to large sized businesses in the greater Chicagoland area helping them to develop their brand, execute strategic marketing activities, and grow their company’s awareness among consumers. In those 3 years, I have had the opportunity to work with almost 800 clients both in the United States and from around the world where I have helped them find creative, long-term solutions to problems that have been persisting for long periods of time. Some of these problems included: brand awareness, brand development, effective digital marketing, graphic design, search engine optimization, and web design just to name a few.

To add on, I also take great pride in my written and verbal communication skills. In my previous positions, I have written mission statements, news advisories and releases, press releases, and branding booklets. Additionally, I took my first ever professional position as a ground’s keeper at 16. This experience has taught me the importance of working as hard as I can in any scenario as well as why it is so important to never back down from a challenge. I was taught to put everything I had into my work and to not ever finish a task until I am absolutely proud of it. I take these lessons that I have learned to heart and am very much eager to apply them in my professional life moving forwards.

I would define myself as a hardworking problem solver because of my ability to think outside of the box to develop creative solutions to complicated and persisting problems. This is especially true in my field of study where I use my marketing, design, data driven collection, and critical thinking skills to solve problems that organizations and companies may be having. I am very passionate about volunteering for those in need. I have been heavily involved with several non-profit organizations where I volunteer in my free time. Some of those organizations include KEEN of Chicago, AFSP in Illinois, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Convergence Resource Center, and Hope for the Warriors. I think in today’s day and age, it has never been more important to reach your hand out to help those around you who may be less fortunate. Additionally, I am very passionate about anything regarding the outdoors. I am an avid camper, hiker, biker, hammocker, and overall, nature lover.